Pets are happier when they are at home in a safe and familiar environment

Play time, walks, own treats, TLC

Reduce trauma and stress from traveling

Peace of mind for your pets and the safety of your home

Services Include~

Paper pickup
Mail retrieval
Lights altered
Blinds changed
Plants watered
TV/radio on/off
Cleaning accidents

Reliable and convenient services

Never worry about having to ask your family or friends to pet sit, when you are at work or out of town.

While the humans are away, the pets will continue to play

Safe and reliable- bonded

Maintain normal routine and schedule of your pets, plants, mail, garbage, etc.

No transportation of pets and 'toys' to outside establishment

No extra shots needed

Electronic communication via email, text, phone

Regular vet and emergency clinics on file

Notification of any problems

Knowing you can always get in touch with your pet sitter


Our Services and Rates

Initially, I include a free in house consultation to meet you and your pets, gather pertinent information about your pets and home and get house key, to provide service.

  Playtime with pet
  Mail and Newspaper retrieval
  Plant watering
  Blinds and light rotation, for crime prevention

1-3 Pets    1 visit $20.
Additional Visits $20.
4 or more pets $25 per visit, or,
To be determined upon initial visitation/consultation
Transport to Vet $25.
We offer you choice of email, text messages, phone calls to ease your mind on the status of your pet.

We want you to be as stress free thinking about your 'loved ones' as your pets are in their own home.


Overnight Pet Sitting Services

$60. per night.

Depending on my schedule, I offer overnight stays, in which I sleep overnight in your home, to safeguard your pets and property.

Having a professional and bonded pet sitter stay in your house relieves your pet's separation anxiety and loneliness. It also ensures safety of your home and belongings showing your house is not vacant while you are far away.

I provide dog walking, pet feeding, playtime, mail/paper retrieval, administering medicine, plant maintenance, waste disposal, etc.

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